Building a Daily Movement Habit

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I’m in the early stages of building a course on creating movement habits for day-to-day living. Why? Because our ability to live and move well requires not just occasionally exercising to maintain our body. Exercise is important, but living a physical active life is more effective than any exercise regimen for health. Thus the course will teach you how to build more movement into your days, without having to magically conjure up more time. To be notified about the course sign-up below, I’ll be taking on beta testers once it is further along.

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Parkour Essential Techniques

Essential Parkour Techniques Cover

This course/guide is an in-depth introduction to best techniques to learn as a beginner exploring parkour. The e-book below breaks down every technique, step-by-step, and offers progressions to safely learn each skill. The e-book is ultimately a companion to the videos now available on this site for free.

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At this point in time the original structured course is undergoing some changes. The videos linked above are a great way to get into it in a self-paced way. But if you’re looking for more structure I’m currently offering the original course completely free (without even a pay-what-you-want setup) to test drive a new platform. If I like it enough the course be undergoing some updates and improvements in within that platform, especially if it allows me to share it with you all as freely as possible.