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Tag: Inspiration

A Journey Toward Self-Confidence

For most of my life, I have been shy and reserved. In any social situation I generally stayed quiet and listened to others rather than becoming involved, preferring to stay on the periphery. I felt more comfortable being the outsider. Although that’s how I acted most often (and I still do when I’m way beyond my comfort zone) it does not reflect my true nature: how I act when no one is watching. Read more →

Feeling Creative

Traceurs see the world differently. Where some see a dead end, we see a short-cut. This mindset shift transforms obstacles into opportunities. A (seemingly) singular path-dictated by the structure of walls, railings, and other elements of the environment-can become a multitude. How? By interacting with, instead of avoiding, the environment and that begins with a trick of the imagination. Picture yourself moving over, around and through the obstacles around you. This ability to imagine yourself flowing over obstacles and spotting opportunities for movement can be an immense boon for your creative powers, in every arena. Read more →

Holiday Video Intermission

With the Holidays almost on us and the end of the world past us, I’ll hold off on the big posts until after the New Year. It’ll give me a lotta time to polish the writing anyway, so definitely not a bad thing. Several big videos have dropped in the past week, all worth sharing. Fizz Hood - Little Pieces Had another big video from an excellent traceuse, Sasha Sheva, released recently. Read more →

Fifth Ape 2011

Colin finished editing our end of year video earlier this week. It has been a pretty amazing year. Started out slow with some injuries preventing any real progress for a couple months, but the summer and fall have been very productive. Broke new jumps, improved a bunch of techniques, and even learned some entirely new things (particularly the monkey flip at around 5 seconds into the video) that I hadn’t expected to be able to do. Read more →

Dilution by Blane

This article by Blane is worth re-linking here: The entire thing is well worth the read, and although it is aimed at traceurs I believe much of what he says can be applied equally to other physical disciplines. Only going to directly post the summary at the end of the article here. 1) If you’re new to Parkour, research as much as possible and learn from the people who have walked the path before you, but do not lose your creativity and ability to think for yourself. Read more →

Parkour Video: Hana 2011

Just a quick post. Seems difficult to find good Parkour videos with women as the primary subjects. Saw this video from a traceuse in Japan on the Parkour Generations blog. Some rather impressive stuff: Read more →

Some inspiration to get things started

Earlier this week I found (via Daniel Ilabaca) a TED Talk by TahRiq Almawi that felt like the perfect way to start this blog out. Have a watch: What did you think? There were several ideas that stood out to me. For one, the supreme value of practice (and lots of it) is something I seem to forget at times. It is so easy to get frustrated about not being good enough at some skill, say in my case dive rolls or rail to rail precisions, when the solution is right there in front of you: practice it more. Read more →
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