And so the journey begins

“I really don’t know what happens next-one so seldom does.” -E.M. Forster

Today I leave for Europe. I’ve been talking about doing this for what feels like at least three years now, and it’s finally happening. It was a good thing that it took as long as it did, as my original plan transformed from “live in Europe” to something far more specific, and far more interesting, the beginnings of which you see with this website, Prime8 Movement. I wouldn’t have gotten here without the help of Colin Pistell, who has been an excellent mentor, friend, and training partner. If Colin hadn’t offered to let me coach with Fifth Ape I wouldn’t be here right now, writing this post, and for this I am eternally grateful. I also have to thank the Fifth Ape community, family, and friends who have been supportive of the idea. I was honestly expecting to hear plenty of objections, but I’ve received few outside of practical/logistical hurdles to bear in mind. I’m already pretty stubborn once I’ve decided to do something, but the positive feedback made it even easier to keep on moving towards the goal.

Now with that goal just about to complete, I begin the next.

To start I am spending about two months in Switzerland volunteering with WWOOF. I’m diving straight into the deep end of French immersion (my host farm only speaks French), which should push me rapidly towards fluency before I start Prime8 Movement up. It should be a fun couple of months of learning and exploring the area around Lake Geneva. I’m definitely going to be searching for this spot. Plenty of work will also be happening behind the scenes in preparing a French version of the site for launch. May even be able to improve significantly on swimming before the MovNat swimming cert comes up. All of this beats just waiting for the visa for Belgium to be approved. Once that happens then the real work begins.

With all this happening I’m going to be largely offline most of the time, so I may respond very slowly to comments and emails. Same goes for social media. I think two months should be enough time to break several bad habits (facebook, I’m looking at you). Likewise posting will be pretty slow. I’ll be writing for sure, but actual posts may take longer to come out than usual, depending on the internet situation.

And now I have a flight to catch, à bientôt!

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