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“Life isn’t just a sequence of waiting for things to be done.” ~Ze Frank

Suure, why not?

Before I get into the post, you may notice that things look slightly different around here. I made the decision to move the site over to a personal domain name ( There are plenty of reasons for it, but there are two major ones: 1) easier to find on the Almighty Google = gooood thing; 2) I don’t feel like I am speaking from behind a “brand” now (that just felt weird). Thanks to the latter I feel more comfortable (even that post on butchering”) felt like a huge tangent at the time) about expanding my writings to cover other areas that I’m almost as obsessed about as movement. Okay, now onto the actual topic.

A couple of realizations hit me as I move past the four month mark of waiting on my visa application. I was naively assuming that the process would be done before January. A completely honest and realistic assessment of the situation suggests that the process may take another one to two months. Clearly I’m going to be in DC for a while. So, I need to recoup some funds from the trip and the the default mode I slipped into was looking at part-time work (the system trained me well) in the area. Now that may be decent route, but yesterday I realized that instead of waiting to “launch” the local teaching portion of Prime8 Movement I could instead think of DC as a beta version of Brussels. Large metro area, capital city, good public transit, and public parks; enough similarities to figure out what works and what doesn’t. Plus getting things running here will be a perfect way to challenge myself without the added difficulty of being in a multi-lingual country. Gradual progression and all that, right? It should be a good way to increase my odds of success once I cross over the Atlantic again.

I’m starting the Prototype Brussels project this weekend and with it my priorities with coaching are shifting towards teaching locally for the duration of my stay in DC. I kicked out the online coaching services recently and it wasn’t until I had actually released them that I noticed a missing piece - funny how tunnel vision and trying to keep ahead of your doubts leads to not noticing critical details, isn’t it? Right now I can offer the coaching, but if you don’t already know some of the skills then my program isn’t any different from”random personal trainer dude #5’s” coaching program. Boring. (Side note: the original idea behind the full online coaching service was to offer it to people I had already taught in person, but wanted extra help implementing the ideas.) To remedy that I am starting to develop online courses (Parkour is up first), but the first one won’t be available until Junuary at the earliest.

I think that between Prototype Brussels and developing the course content I’ll be pretty busy. For the duration of the project I will be offering the online coaching services for free to members of my newsletter. To maintain my sanity I’m going to be limiting the online coaching stuff to just three people (for Levels 12) and the Independent will stay open, but might take some time to provide feedback. As I mentioned above, to take full advantage of the service right now you do need some existing movement knowledge, or the patience to learn through a lot of trial and error. I’m about to not have regular internet service for about a week, so the online programs will be on hold until Tuesday the 18th.

That’s the last business-y update for a while, I’ll have a new post related to shoes up on Sunday. Update: I wrote the initial post but it expanded in front of my eyes. Have to go digging for links and generally polish the thing a bit more.

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