Training in Switzerland Compilation plus online coaching beta launch!

Epic climbing tree, but no good video from climbing on it (didn't have my tripod). :(

This video almost didn’t see the light of day. When I was looking over all the footage it was feeling pretty sparse; not enough for a highlight reel, but too unfocused for a uncut training video. I almost convinced myself it wasn’t worth the effort to edit, but I made a promise to release it, so I figured out a way to trick myself. How? I created a distraction; a small goal of learning how to create custom image overlays for the video. By the time I finished adding the overlays on the first segment I was too invested to not just finish the damned thing. :) A perfect example of the effectiveness of the “do something for just 5 minutes” method of getting things done. Try it out!

I’ve tried to keep the video reasonably short while at the same time preserving the unfiltered quality. My goal was to cut out all the filler and minimize boring sections while still showing the reality of training (as best as I could in a 5 minute video). Please consider the video to be more of a glimpse into what I did, rather than a summary of all my training in Switzerland. Most of my training didn’t make it onto film, either because it was totally spontaneous or I didn’t have my camera with me. For future projects I need to figure out a way to get more footage without the annoying requirement of having to pause, get the tripod setup, get the framing right, then finally start recording; it’s time consuming to say the least. Anyway, one last note before I link the video: I muted the audio due to all kinds of extra noise (and a lack of technical knowledge to get all fancy with audio levels). Just in case you were wondering.

Let me know what you think! I may be slowly getting the hang of this video editing thing.

Now for some coaching related news: the online coaching beta is officially live! I finished setting up the back-end of the services earlier today and it should all be good to go. The full details of the programs are up now on the Online Coaching page. Now that all the paperwork related stuff is out of the way I’m going to be taking video and general content production into high gear. The majority of the video will be specifically for the coaching program, but I have some ideas for upcoming blog posts as well. I already miss the blazing fast upload that I had while in Switzerland and Iceland…

Just releasing the program into the wild has freed a horde of other ideas that I’m trying to chase down right now. You’ll find out what most of them are later, but I’ll clue you in to the next big thing I’m thinking about at least. I’m about to design a proper online course, almost certainly about Parkour. No details yet, but the plan is for it to be a 6-week long course delivered primarily through video. I’ll have more news once I delve into the design and production. ;)

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