Training Game: Drunken Rolls

I had a post series on my previous blog, Primal Ninja, called “training games.” The idea was decent, but I only had written descriptions of each game; that’s not all that helpful. I think it’s time I revived the training games segment, but this time with video! To kick things off I’ll start with a game of my own creation, drunken rolling (do this sans alcohol, trust me). I’ve had the idea for at least six months, but only now got around to making a video out of it. Despite the name the inspiration was less alcoholic (I rarely drink, Parkour + alcohol = baad combo) and more boredom while waiting for a class to start. Boredom can be productive, sometimes.

I explain some of the rationale and benefits for the game in the video, but those are secondary to the simple fact that it’s hilarious. Pardon any bad acting in the video, I loathed drama class when I was in high school. At least now I have an excuse to improve. :P

You’ll notice that I used a mixture of front, side, and back rolls plus some break falls in the video; if you don’t know some of those that’s fine. It is possible to handle most falling directions (except straight back) with a front roll if you can torque your shoulders and hips around before initiating the roll. You do need solid front rolls before you try that however, so if you haven’t already look at these two excellent tutorials from APEX Movement on forward rolls: Part 1 - Part 2. I’m not aware of any great back roll tutorials…guess I just gave myself yet another video project to get to workin’ on.

The more you get “in-character” for this the more fun (and effective) the game is, so really let go and play with it. You’re going to look absurd in any case, so you may as well go all in. Bonus points if you have a sake gourd or something similar…or just play an (almost graceful) drunken pirate. Seriousness is overrated.* ;)

This is coming from a guy who used to be intense and serious all the friggin’ time. Funny how time changes things, isn’t it?

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