VBlog: Risk vs. Danger and Barbell Strategies

I’ve had it in the back of my mind to write a post detailing the concept of risk vs. danger (here in fancy graph form, courtesy of MovNat) that comes from MovNat. Buuut risk vs. danger is one of those ideas I find easier to understand with examples. Well, I found me some good examples and decided to try my hand at doing it as a video blog instead of writing. You’ll note that the risk vs. danger graph already factors in the idea behind the barbell, but I find that the barbell concept makes the whole thing less abstract to me. Funny how ideas from two entirely different arenas (finance and movement) end up being this similar.

It was hard to get a “perfect” take of the video, as apparently I need to work on not getting distracted by people walking by, so this one will have to do. Turns out it’s easy for me to become sidetracked when I’m just talking to a camera. Slooowly getting better though. :) Anyhow, here it is:

Let me know how it turned out! I just got my hands on Adobe Premiere so I’ve been able to cut out most of the annoying background noise, but still learning my way around the program, so I’m sure it ain’t perfect. Gonna click publish before I get too self-critical and not post it.

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