”…playfulness, a sense that the world is full of possibilities, that it is not fixed and stable and finished, that it thrives in the fertile middle ground that is not yet ‘this’ or ‘that’ but in fact both ‘that’ and ‘this’ at once.” -Eric G. Wilson

Being playful is, in a way, holding the mindset that the world is a playground and life is a game, and thus is open to—and encouraging of—exploration and experimentation; it’s a state of always remaining open to possibilities and adapting to the situation at hand. Playfulness often manifests as improvisation, encourages creativity and requires mindfulness to maintain.

Because playfulness is a perspective, it’s possible to be playful in any situation. But how do you become more playful? I don’t claim knowledge of any absolute truths or solutions—particularly because the ideal solution is is, in many ways, individual to you. However, playfulness itself, and the triad mentioned above, can all be trained, improved, and cultivated with movement.

This site is my take at understanding and answering that question for myself, which I think may offer some useful parallels for you to adapt for your own use. What I have written here so far explores that question of how to become more playful, particularly through shifting away from the limiting concepts surrounding fitness and exercise towards a more holistic approach: treating movement as something which should lift you up and be integrated into your life in a big way, rather than being relegated to a small and uncherished corner of your life suited for staid obligations.

Here’s a selection of some of the top articles from the site:

Teaching movement is highly visual, so in addition to reading the articles, have a look through the library of videos. I highly recommend starting with anything tagged Fundamentals.

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