Updates from Switzerland, some TGUs, and site stuff

Wow, I must be a terrible blogger. I fly off to some foreign country and then don’t post anything actually about the place or what I’m doing for over a month. Fail.

Since I’m here and still not broke or starving thanks to volunteering my time on organic farms (working WWOOF) a lot of my time has been spent just working outside. It’s been a pretty random mixture of stuff so far, heavy on weeding, but with some more interesting work too. Got a chance to learn how to fabricate (butcher if you prefer) a lamb, or mutton as it’s always referred to in French. I’ll have a post up on that later. Otherwise mostly taking photos whenever I can remember and putting them into one big album.

I’ve finally remembered to take some time to get some video recorded. I still need more to justify a big video, though, so most of it will just be sitting on my hard drive for now. But I won’t leave you with absolutely nothing here, that wouldn’t be any fun. I was listening to Clif’s BA podcast while on the train earlier this week and that gave me the random urge to try to find something to do turkish get-ups with. Well, I found some.

For anyone who hasn’t been to the site in a little while, you might have noticed that it suddenly got a little facelift. I’ve been working on improving the site functionality and doing a lot of writing on background pages (most aren’t visible yet). I’ve added an email subscription option (as you can see with the opt-in box on the sidebar) to the site. For now the email list is just configured to push any blog updates to you via email. However, I’m planning occasionally writing some email only content in the near future.

Also expect to hear some news about online coaching very soon. I’m aiming to launch that prior to the official start in Belgium. Due to all the craziness with my schedule (and needing to test everything) I’ll be keeping the program really small at first. Probably maximum of five people, but I haven’t finalized a number yet.

There’s another online coaching idea I’m toying with, but I haven’t decided if it’s worth pursuing yet. It has the potential to be amazing and unique, but I haven’t figured out a good way to implement it yet. It will be my attempt to give a helping hand with making the tag-line of the site “make the world your playground” a reality for anyone who participates in it. If you want to find out what I’m thinking of, and maybe even help me test it out, then you should sign-up for the email list (hint hint).

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