I’ve had the pleasure of learning from many great people along the way and I’m constantly amazed by the difference it has made in my progress as a mover, a teacher, and human being.  No one is truly self-taught. This page is here to recognize those who have had huge influences on me. I offer my deepest thanks to them all for sharing their knowledge and passion with me. I would never have gotten this far without you all, you have my eternal gratitude.

Hardee Merritt and the NC Quest Center community

Colin Pistell and the Fifth Ape Community

The NC Parkour community

Duncan “TK17” Germain

Clifton Harski

Erwan Le Corre and the MovNat team (Vic, Kellen, Brian, and Joseph)

The Yamakasi

Parkour Generations

Sébastien Foucan

Ryan Ford, Amos Rendao, and the Brandon duo from APEX Movement

In addition to that list, I have to mention several people who have had a huge impact on my thinking, despite not having the chance to meet them (yet!). The list of influences online is huge, especially when moving outside the domain of movement, so only those I don’t shut up about are listed here.

Ido Portal

Scott Sonnon

Julien Smith

Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Chris Guillebeau (technically met, but the influence is more through his writing)