Movement Experiment: Regretful Pop Vault

Here’s a fun little movement I came up with a while ago:

The technique is mostly just fun to do, but it has some possible practical uses too. If you need to quickly get off the wall you just hopped onto (hence the “regretful” name) either versions of these versions work nicely. Just pushing yourself backwards off the wall works, but forces you to land and pivot without seeing where you are going - not good especially when moving quickly. Because this little movement spins you around before you hit the ground you’re able to spot your landing and pick the direction to continue running before you make contact.

I generally prefer to use the first version, the second one creates more stress on the shoulders and relies more on power to actually complete, whereas the kick-out version is almost purely technique - taking advantage of the momentum generated by the kicking leg to create the rotation. Bonus points: great way to practice and apply the sit-out technique with more speed.

Try it out, it’s strange how fun just adding a little spin into your movements is.

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